JAN 9, 2014

5 of the best mobility aids for the bedroom

Amongst the many mobility products that we sell at Local Mobility our range of bedroom accessories are some of the most in-demand items. Take a look at our current list of bedroom aids and you’ll find products that are designed with one purpose in mind, to make life easier for anyone that has trouble with mobility.

  • Overbed table: Want to serve a meal to an elderly person that is bed-ridden at the moment? Use a table that fits neatly over the bed, it can be raised or lowered to find the perfect position. Easy to wipe down and with raised edges to prevent items from spilling on the floor, the teak-topped overbed table is one our best sellers at Local Mobility.

  • Leg lifting aid: Need help lifting your leg on and off the bed? Try a leg lifting aid, simply loop the lifter around the base of your foot and you can get on and off the bed or in and out of a wheelchair with ease. The leg lifting aid is a simple but practical device and it’s cheap to buy straight off our site.

  • Bed support bars: If you want a boost when sitting up in bed or simply need something sturdy to grab onto when you are getting up in the morning fit a bed support bar just below the mattress on your bed. It’s a sturdy device, suitable for most framed bed bases and cannot be felt through a standard sized thickness mattress.  

  • Side bumper: Worried about rolling out of bed during the night and lying helpless on the floor? A cot side bumper is the solution, it provides protection at the side of the bed and prevents little mishaps from occurring.

  • Bed raiser: Finding it a struggle to get in and out of bed because the base is too close to the floor? Use a set of bed raisers that fit underneath the feet of the bed and raise it off the floor by 4 or 6 inches depending on which option you choose. Again, they’re a popular accessory and easy to find on our site at Local Mobility, we hope they provide you with plenty of assistance!   


Created on 9th January 2014
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