OCT 17, 2013

5 useful wheelchair accessories

Regular trips in wheelchairs can become a tad monotonous if you stick with the same old chair every day of your life. Sure, it’s reliable but just for once wouldn’t be it great to add a bit of bling to your chair or give it a quick makeover with features that make it more fun to live with on a daily basis. Read this article for tips on how to funk up your chair and make it more likeable.  

  • Spoke guards: Why run around on a set of unremarkable rims when you can fit spoke guards and pimp your chair. Spoke guards are discs that totally cover the spokes on the wheel rims and you can pretty much choose any design that you like. Go for a stock design from your local mobility store or get something custom made and make a style statement when you go cruising in your chair.
  • Cushions: Comfort is everything when you are sat in your chair but the standard seating that comes with the mobility aid can be a right pain in the backside. So add a colourful cushion to the seating area on the chair and pad things out to give you a comfier ride on your travels.
  • Bags: Fit a bag to the chair and you’ll have a place to keep all your stuff when you are out and about. There’s not much room to carry items when you are sat in your chair and it’s not much fun to have objects plonked on your lap. So fit a bag and keep everything out of sight but within easy reach if you need it.
  • Tray: Wheelchair lap trays are useful accessories to have, especially if you stop somewhere for a meal and the table doesn’t match the height of your chair. Just pop the tray on the chair and you have the ideal place to keep a plate of food or a drink within reaching distance.  
  • Weatherproof clothing: Weather can be inclement at the best of times so it’s good to have weatherproof wheelchair clothing designed specifically for use with the chair. Look for macs that keep you dry in downpours and fleeces to keep you toasty warm when there’s a nip in the air.
Created on 17th October 2013
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