NOV 4, 2013

A brief buyer’s guide to purchasing a wheelchair

There’s a lot to consider when you buy your own wheelchair and at Local Mobility we know how confusing it can be. So we took a look at how we can make life a little easier for our customers and decided to create this simple but effective buying guide.

  • Research helps: Read as much information as you can before you buy a wheelchair so you know whether it’s right for your needs. Pick the wrong chair now and you’ll be stuck with it so do a little research on chairs at the beginning and save time, effort and wasted money.
  • Try different chairs before you buy: Visit a store in person if you can to try out different models of wheelchair. Go to a number of mobility stores if you have to and track down a chair that you feel comfortable with whether you require standard self-propelled chairs, bariatric and wider types of chairs or specialist reclining or solstice comfort chairs.
  • Look online to save bargains: Once you find a chair that you like see if you can get the same model cheaper online and don’t be scared to shop around. We’re a leading online supplier at Local Mobility and our chairs are priced for a competitive market.
  • See how long the delivery is: Always ask to see how long it will be before the chair arrives at your home. Is the chair a stock item or will it need to be manufactured specially and delivered to your house?
  • Check the warranty: Is the wheelchair guaranteed. If so, how long for? Find out if you can deal directly with the manufacturer if there’s a problem with the chair and whether spare parts are easy to come by.  
  • Is there aftercare support? If you do have a problem with the chair when you get it home, can you contact the supplier by phone and speak to a customer service team that’ll resolve the issue as soon as they can? Great customer support is essential wherever you buy your wheelchair from and it’s something we take great pride in at Local Mobility online.
Created on 4th November 2013
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