MAR 12, 2014

Helpful products to make your feet more comfortable

We have a whole section dedicated to foot care at Local Mobility, our products are made with your feet in mind. If you suffer from bunions or have constant battles with calluses try some of these products and feel relief in next to time.

Toe protectors – Struggle with painful corns on a regular basis? They’re a nuisance aren’t they? You just get rid of one then along comes another, causing untold amounts of pain. Know the best way to protect your feet from corns? Use toe protectors that act like mitts on your feet. They smooth over toes, protect them from rubbing and chaffing and you can wear them under tights so nobody need be any the wiser.

Toe alignment socks – Feet blighted by bunions all the time? Stop this from happening with a pair of toe alignment socks, they’re innovative, they’re cosy and they’re designed to stretch and align your toes to prevent painful conditions like bunions, hammertoes and toe cramp.

Gel foot cushions – Need extra protection under the ball of the foot? Try a gel foot cushion, it fits easily into shoes and takes pressure away from this area. Give your feet a squidgy barrier and gel your way to comfort, the foot cushion is soothing, washable and reusable so keep the comfort levels coming.   

Callus removing cream – Having trouble with a nasty outbreak of calluses? Use a cream that gently removes corns, calluses and rough or hard skin. Try a dermatologically tested product that can shrink calluses by 70% in just 21 days and find much-needed relief at last. Our callus balm is a brilliant, fast-acting product, it’s in stock and ready to soothe your feet straight away.  

Gel heel cushions – Take the impact out of walking with a set of heel cushions, they ‘cup’ your heels and give them a barrier from hard surfaces. Slip them inside a variety of footwear and sore heels will be the last thing on your mind.  


Look after your feet, we have a range of products designed to give you the best possible foot care at the Local Mobility store.



Created on 12th March 2014
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