FEB 14, 2014

Practical gift ideas for Grans

Grans are great, it doesn’t matter how down in the dumps you feel, they always manage to put a smile on your face. So when it comes to present buying for that special people in your life it’s understandable you want to buy them a unique gift they’ll get plenty of enjoyment from. We’ve got tons of great gift ideas in stock at Local Mobility, just to help you out we’ve drawn up a shortlist of ideas in our latest blog, buy your gran one of these and she’ll love it!

Wooden foot stool – Where does Gran keep her copy of the Radio Times, the TV remote, her balls of knitting and packets of Fisherman Friends at the moment? Bet she’s always losing them and asking you to hunt around when you go to visit. Know how to solve this problem? Buy gran a sturdy wooden footstool that comes with storage drawers, it’s a brilliant two-in-one item! Gran can get cosy with her feet propped up on the footstool and when she wants to browse her Readers Digest or flip the telly on for the start of ‘Corrie’ she’ll have instant access to all her favourite items.

Leather bus pass holder – Gran has style so where better to place her bus pass than inside a proper holder, one that’s lovingly hand-crafted from genuine leather? It keeps her bus or coach pass safe, fits snugly inside her handbag and oozes style and charm so it’s perfect for the pensioner about town.  

Deluxe bird table feeder – Gran’s always loved nature, she loves to sit and watch the blue tits in the morning so here’s a novel idea to make her happy, why not buy a deluxe bird table, feeder, bath, light and planter? It’s a five-in-one garden feature that’ll provide her with many hours of pleasure. Made from hardy cast iron materials, this top-notch feeder will keep sparrows and finches well-fed throughout the year. Birds will flock to Gran’s garden to use the feeder, take a bath and hang out with their friends and Gran will be close by to witness all the feathery action.  

These are just some of the great gifts we have for Grans in our current collection at Local Mobility, check out our website for tons of practical present ideas.

Happy shopping!

Created on 14th February 2014
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