APR 29, 2014

The benefits of a circulation machine

It’s a catch-22 situation when you have mobility issues, you want to move around but your body lets you down and this lack of movement causes extra complications such as swollen ankles or poor blood flow throughout the body which can lead to other symptoms.

One solution if you have limited mobility is to try seated exercise aids, a HappyLegs circulation machine for example stimulates blood flow to the heart and this has numerous benefits to the body as well as vastly improving the quality of life. Use a circulation machine in a sedentary position and you’ll reap all of these rewards.

Enjoy a daily workout without leaving the house

The HappyLegs circulation machine mimics a walking motion, stay sitting, place both your feet on the plates on the machine and let it do all the hard work. Each foot plate moves backwards and forwards at opposite times so it feels like you are walking even when you are sitting down! Have a workout whilst watching the telly, listening to the radio or knitting a new cardigan, the circulation machine is easy to use, quiet and efficient, use it every day for improved health and wellbeing.

Ease joint pains

A circulation machine is particularly effective if you suffer from joint pain, there’s no physical effort required, the gentle swaying of the foot rests is soothing and relaxing and just 30 minutes a day is all you need to relieve pain in joint regions.    

Ease muscle pain

Circulation machines are great for muscle relief too, they boost blood pressure which sends more oxygen to the lungs and the muscle regions within the body. Muscles are given a gentle workout with a HappyLegs machine and users should witness a significant improvement in this area.   

Reduce swelling in legs

Immobility causes swelling in leg regions so stay mobile even though you are confined to the house. Try a 30 minute session on a HappyLegs circulation machine, say goodbye to swelling and hello to happy feet!

Reduce the risk of disease

A daily session on a circulation machine is useful for anyone that suffers from diabetic neuropathy, thrombosis, arthritis and vascular ulcers, it’s a good form of exercise for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease too. It’s so easy to use and a daily session makes such a big difference to blood circulation around the body, it’s is a great way to reduce the risk of heart disease in the future.   

The HappyLegs circulation machine is just one of the many products we have for sale at Local Mobility, every item we stock is designed to make your life more comfortable.

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Created on 29th April 2014
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