JAN 30, 2014

Top kitchen aids for the elderly

Do you struggle with jar lids, have trouble bending over to sweep, find simple things like peeling potatoes more of a strain the older you get? We sympathise at Local Mobility and know how frustrating it can be when those everyday tasks become more of a pain. Kitchen duties shouldn’t be a burden, not when you can choose a host of aids to help you along like the items in our newest blog.

  1. Non-slip bottle opener: Do you have trouble taking the plastic lids off fizzy drinks bottles? They’re a total nightmare aren’t they? Sometimes it feels like they have been welded on and no matter how hard you try to grip, those pesky bottle tops simply won’t budge. Use a ‘non-slip bottle opener’ and it’s a different story. Pop this handy little fella on a bottle and you’ll whip the top off in a matter of seconds.

  2. Big number measuring jug: Why do the makers of measuring jugs write the measurements so tiny on the side? If your eyesight isn’t the best how are you supposed to accurately measure fluids? It becomes guesswork, and many a decent recipe has been ruined because of that. So a ‘big number measuring jug’ is the perfect solution if you are visually impaired. It has large solid black pointers and numbers, measures in ounces, millimetres and cups, and it means you’ll never get it wrong with liquids or solids again.

  3. Easy to use tap turner: If you struggle turning taps in the kitchen on and off the ‘easy to use tap turner’ could revolutionise your life. It’s designed for strength and versatility and the long shaped handles provide plenty of leverage. Great for washing up, rinsing vegetables or when you need to wash your hands, try the ‘easy to use tap turner’ and drips will never cause you problems again.

  4. One handed spread board: Lose mobility in one of your arms and simple tasks like spreading butter on toast suddenly become a complex process. The ‘one handed spread board’ is the perfect solution in this scenario. It has 4 rubber feet that cling to worktops with a vice-like grip and an L-shaped, raised corner that prevents bread or toast from moving. Great for preparing toast at breakfast or a sandwich at lunch, add this to your wish list of kitchen aids, it really will make a difference.

For more helpful and intuitive kitchen aids please look at the latest items on the Local Mobility website.    

Created on 30th January 2014
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