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The Folding Mobility Scooter Canopy- Scooterpac

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Product Ref: SCOOTERPAC1

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Come rain or shine...

It's fine to go out with Scooterpac!

 Scooterpac Folding Canopy logo

Rain can be a real pain for mobility scooter users – in order to protect yourself from a downpour, a canopy attached to your mobility scooter is a necessity, as holding an umbrella with one hand is neither safe nor feasible! A folding canopy can give you immediate protection from bad weather as and when you need it.

Before the Amazing Folding Scooter Canopy became popular, the usual protocol to give yourself protection from the rain was to attach a fixed canopy to the mobility scooter. These fixed structures would have to be attached and installed to any mobility scooter before venturing outdoors given the impracticality of carrying such a structure around in case it was required.

But with the availability of the Amazing folding canopy, the ability to have a functional canopy available when required without having to transport an already-formed structure around with you has proven a breath of fresh air for many mobility scooter riders.

LARGE AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL ON 0800 0112 4259 (Dimensions at the bottom of the page)



No long waits for a canopy to be made, and with the added benefit of it fitting virtually every scooter - instantly!



From the largest 8mph scooters right through to the smallest car-transportable, the ScooterPac’s clever design means one size fits all!



The ground breaking patent-pending technology provides protection from the rain and lets you soak up the sun (when it’s out!)



Aluminium construction for long term durability and no chance of rust! And-state-of-the-art cover material too!

One-size-fits-all design

Using cleverly adjustable arms, the Scooterpac canopy fits securely to all scooters - even car-transportable models. The compact design and lightweight frame mean you can easily transport your scooter as you’ve always done.

Not having to make a tough decision

Every scooter owner about to venture outside their home knows just how difficult it is when the weather is overcast and it’s impossible to tell whether it’s going to rain or not. In such a situation, everyone has to make the difficult decision whether to go out without a canopy attached or not.

Thankfully, the ability to have a folding canopy that can easily be carried around in its folded form totally changes this. They are compact and inconspicuous enough that you won’t even notice you’re carrying it around, but when you need protection from the rain you can get just that within seconds of setting up the folding canopy.

Enjoy the best of both weathers

The weather can be an extremely unpredictable force – one minute you’re enjoying the brilliant summer sunshine in the park, and suddenly the clouds rush in and you’re caught in the middle of a downpour.

Having a fixed canopy will always mean making a mutually exclusive choice regarding the weather – you can either enjoy the sunshine as normal but be vulnerable to rain if it comes, or you can protect yourself but not really be able to enjoy the weather if it becomes nice.

Folding canopies change all this – simply unfold the canopy within seconds if rain comes, and when the rain stops you can fold it straight back up and start enjoying the sunshine again.

Travel further without worrying

Some mobility scooters might be wary about venturing too far from their home in case the weather takes a turn for the worse, especially if it’s already overcast and threatening to rain. Knowing that you’ve got a fully functional, easy-to-install folding canopy in your possession can give you the peace of mind to travel as far as you want to.

It’s also great to be able to enjoy your day without having the worry that it might rain in the back of your mind. Whether it rains or not, your folding canopy will be there to give you protection when you need it and give you your independence!


Please note the ScooterPac is incompatible with the following scooters:

  • Drive King Cobra
  • Drive Royale
  • TGA Minimo
  • TGA Maximo
  • TGA Buddy
  • TGA Superlight
  • TGA Supersport
  • Horizon Myan Drive Sport Rider
  • Horizon Aztec Drive Easy Rider
  • Monarch Mobie Amigo Travelmate
  • Freerider Luggie
  • Care Co Scootcase
  • W&W Tandem
  • Pride Ranger
  • Pride Quest
  • Pride Colt Sport
  • Shoprider Altea
  • Shoprider Whispa
  • Shoprider Capri
  • Sterling Little Star
  • Travelux Explor
  • Abilize Strider Sport

LARGE Canopy: £499excl Vat


L - 122cm

W - 60cm

H - 125cm

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Customer Reviews

Great product!
I am an engineer and made enquiries with a few shops when purchasing this for my mother. Her scooter is a smaller travel scooter and we have struggled to get a freestanding canopy, and she has had to simply use covers which aren't the best.
I was happy to come across this nifty product and my mother was even happier!

Posted by Sam Bridgeway

Compact & removable
I previously had a fitted canopy on my large mobility scooter, however this became difficult during the summer as i would turn into a mini greenhouse!
My Son bought me this canopy and showed me how I can fold it away in the summer and it stays on the seat.

Posted by Mrs Burnley

Finally a canopy for my scooter!
I am very happy to finally have a canopy for my smaller scooter. I use my scooter to put in my car and take on holiday to Cornwall, so I have never been able to use a canopy before. This fits neatly on my back seat (I have to attach it to my armrests on my Gogo Sport) and I can even take it away with me.
Thank you for recommending this to me!

Posted by Roger Bedlow

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