Toilet Frame – Height Adjustable Without Seat

Toilet Frame – Height Adjustable Without Seat

£83.00 Excl. VAT

Putting a frame around your toilet can make a big impact to personal dignity. The Toilet Frame Without Seat is designed for those who need additional support when sitting down and getting back up from a traditional toilet seat.

It gives you the stability and support you need, taking the pressure away from your knees, hips and lower back. The moulded sections on the handles give comfort when you grip them. This reduces the strain in your lower body, and allows you to hold on to it with confidence.

What are the benefits?

  • Armrests – support when sitting, standing or getting on or off the toilet
  • Allows you to gently lower yourself onto the toilet
  • Use with or without a Unifix toilet seat raiser
  • Height Adjustable – 25″- 31″/63cm – 78cm
  • Weight capacity – 190kg (30 stone)